When the Shituf Hits the Fan


As with halakha, there are some major differences between Jewish hashkafa and Noahide hashkafa, a fact that seems to elude many Jews and Noahides. The debate over Shituf is a prime example.

The Hebrew term Shituf has been bandied about in the past few years as if it was an important part of Noahide hashkafa.  Like so many other things the rabbis are teaching the Noahides, the concept of Shituf is an unnecessary waste of time. Let me explain why.

First of all, Shituf [literally association] is a belief, the belief that the Christian Trinity is acceptable for non-Jews. It is the theological belief that the Jeezer and the Holy Spook are equal partners in the Godhead, and thus a non-Jew is not putting “another god before God,” but rather putting them on equal footing.

There are other Christian theological beliefs that are just as nonsensical such as incarnation, original sin, and the teaching that the “New Testament” has superseded and replaced the Torah. Each one of these theological concepts violates hashkafa for Noahides. The problem is not with whether or not you accept Shituf; the problem is that the religion of Christianity exists at all. The Noahides should be committed to eliminate Christianity from our society completely, not simply to war against one aspect of the theology. The focus should be against Christianity itself, not just one aspect of its belief system.

The second problem is that the rabbis who are running many of the popular Noahide websites such as noahide.com, noahide.org, asknoah.org, etc. are messianic Jews, i.e., Chabad. They believe that Rabbi Schneerson is/was haMoshiach, and will “come back” and resurrect just like the Christian Jeezer. There are even those among the Lubavitch who teach that Schneerson was “God in the flesh.” These are the people who are running the Noahide movement, Jews who not only violate Noahide hashkafa, but Jewish hashkafa as well.

The third problem: The Noahide Law is about correct actions and behavior, not correct beliefs. The argument about Shituf is all about correct beliefs. The focus of the gerrings and so many other Noahides is that of correct beliefs. When one reads Sanhedrin 56a–60a, the primary source of Noahide Law, one can see that it is about CORRECT ACTION, mainly: what actions can a non-Jew be punished for in a beis din? That is the focus of the Talmud.

“Know that a man is influenced in accordance with his actions. His heart and all his thoughts are always [drawn] after his deeds in which he is occupied, whether [they are] good or bad. Thus even a person who is thoroughly wicked in his heart, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart is only evil the entire day—if he will arouse his spirit and set his striving and his occupation, with constancy, in the Torah and the mitzvoth, even if not for the sake of Heaven, he will veer at once toward the good, and with the power of his good deeds he will deaden his evil impulse. For after one’s acts is the heart drawn.”—Séfer haHinnuch

This is the lesson Noahides need to take to heart instead of the nonsense of Shituf: correct actions, not correct beliefs. If there is no positive commandment for a non-Jew to believe, why waste time arguing about beliefs? Yet you have all these clueless gerrings, Noahides & Jews running around yammering about Shituf. The most important law for Noahides is that of Dinim, not idolatry as with the Jews. If you want to get rid of Shituf, as well as all the other pagan nonsense the church teaches, then get rid of Christianity. Of course, the Jews forbid the Noahides to attack other pagan religions even though halakha demands we Noahides eliminate idolatry in our society. After all, if you get rid of organized religion, you automatically get rid of 99% of idolatry. Why fuss over just one aspect of theology when you can get rid of ALL Christian theology?

Bottom line is: the rabbis are once again violating halakha and teaching non-Jews to focus on the wrong thing.


Silly Rabbi! Hicks are for Yids.



This has been an interesting week. The rabbis who are running the Noahide Movement (you know, the bozos who have run the Noahide movement into the ground) have been having a bickering fest this past week. Let’s join in on the fun!


This should come as no surprise. Congratulations, Fat Boy. Your Gerring movement is officially a cult. Now you and your merry little band of hicks and rednecks can enjoy the fruits of being the only ones who know the truth and will be allowed into the kingdom of heaven. Yeah, it does sound familiar, doesn’t it? At least you’re not even pretending to follow halakha anymore. Enjoy your cult, bozos.

In response to Fatz, the other Noahide rabbis put out a WE HAVE OUR PANTIES IN A WAD letter, signed by a bunch of these “Noahide” rabbis. The letter was penned by Rabbi Moshe Weiner. Weiner points out that “certain aspects of their (Fatz & Chlorine) teachings are contrary to accepted halakhah,” an interesting point to which I will comment below.


Weiner goes on to list a number of “rhetorical tactics” and how Fatz deflects criticism.

The letter ends thusly:


Well, it looks like the Noahide rabbis finally called out Fatz and Chlorine on their Gerring cult. Of course, the problem is that these same rabbis who are blasting Fatz are themselves guilty of the same thing, of putting a stumbling block before the Noahides, of teaching Noahides things (prayer, yom tov, etc.) that are not a part of the Noahide Law and giving the impression that they are. It’s hard to be sympathetic to these rabbis seeing how they are just as guilty as Fatz for misleading Noahides.

That’s right, rabbis who are involved with the Noahides. You are screwing things up. You are violating halakha. You are the ones putting a stumbling block in front of the blind.

And then there are those who get all bent out of shape when I or anyone else says something negative about someone like rabbi Fatz.

“Before starting there is one issue I need to address…calling Rabbi Katz degrading names or worse is not acceptable and is close to a Chillul HaShem. I am publicly repudiating such behavior and I am asking that from this point on it should stop.”

So, calling The Fat One “Fatz” is not acceptable, but violating halakha is? You twits talk about how Fatz is not following halakha. Well, guess what, twits? NEITHER ARE YOU.

That’s right. Every rabbi involved with the Noahides is not only violating halakha, but they are teaching the Noahides to violate halakha as well. In the past 20 years, I have yet to see a single rabbi teach a halakhically-correct version of the Noahide Law. Not even close.

Yes, I know there are some of you who are involved for the right reasons (as opposed to someone such as Ray Petterson whose main concern is to make money off of the Noahides). You want to help. But you can’t. You’re still teaching the wrong things. I know you can’t help it. You’re Jewish. You have no clue how to approach the Torah from outside of Judaism. But that’s why you screwed up; you have an inability to think like a Non-Jew. That’s not your job. It’s ours. Our law, our movement. Not yours. Get it?

You rabbis really want to help the Noahide movement? Then sod off. Get lost. Go help some non-observant Jews. It’s actually sort of pathetic; with all the masses of non-observant Jews out there, you’d think that these rabbis would be spending all of their waking hours trying to get them to do teshuvah. Particularly since you think one Jew is worth a hundred goyim. But, no. You are screwing with Noahides for your own personal reasons, be it money, political pull, or what have you. You keep interfering with the Noahides, I’ll keep calling you out on it. You have lost whatever respect I still had for you. Oh, there are plenty of rabbis out there that I do respect. They at least understand that the Noahide Law is something we have to do ourselves, and they keep their mitts off of the movement. But the ones who are interfering with the Noahides? You can join rabbi Fatz in the Twit Category.

You see, all of the divisions in the Noahide Movement, all of the problems: this is all on you. You rabbis are the ones who have screwed the pooch. You ninnys won’t be happy until you’ve fragmented the Noahides just as you have Orthodox Judaism. Again, this is all on you. You can’t run the Noahide movement. You can’t even run Orthodox Judaism properly will all of your divisions, bickering and fighting. You can’t teach the Noahides Noahide Law because you simply do not understand it.

The duty to rebuke a fellow for improper behavior [Vayikra 19:17].
Unlike some organized religions that foolishly teach “thou shalt not judge another,” this commandment says that when someone sees a person violating the Torah in either affairs between man and man or man and God, he is to reprove them over and over, even to a hundred times if necessary (Bava Metzia 31a). To respect their feelings, you should first chide them in secret, that is, in private, using soft speech. If this does not work, and the person keeps violating the Torah, stronger language is used, even to the point of shaming him or her in public. If the person is adamant about violating the Torah, one is allowed to hate them. “On the hatred of wicked people…there is no prohibition; it is rather a religious duty to hate them after we reprove them many times about their sins and they yet do not wish to retract them; for it is stated, Do I not hate those, O Lord, who hate Thee, and strive with those that rise against Thee? (Psalms 139:21).” Séfer haHinnuch, Vol. III, 79.

Here endeth the lesson.


Secular by Design


In his most recent blog post, the Fatz made the comment that Noahism is a new religion.”

For Fatz and his herd, this is what the Noahide Law is all about. A New Religion. It’s all about your personal relationship with God. It’s all about getting a place in Olah haBah, the World to Come. It’s all about mezuzahs and kippahs, about written prayers and keeping Shabbat. What Fatz is teaching isn’t “neo-noahism.” What he is teaching is neo-Christianity. What Fatz has done is to limit the Noahide Law as merely a religious doctrine. Look at the language he uses, using terminology such as righteous and akum to describe the Noahide.

So why is this so wrong?

Less than 0.2% of the world’s population is Jewish. The rabbis who are involved in the Noahide movement all focus their teaching of Noahide Law as how it relates to Israel and the Jews. In other words, the rabbis focus on .2% of the population and ignore the other 99.8%. Of course, that is all Jews, orthodox and secular. Since orthodox Jews only make up about 10% of all Jews, then that figure drops to .02%. In other words, the rabbis are teaching Noahides only how the Noahide Code interacts with .02% of the world’s population, ignoring 99.98% of mankind.

If you go online and peruse the “official” Noahide websites (read: the rabbinic-led websites), you will notice that, in every case, the teaching is all about Judaism. The goal, according to these websites, is to lead the non-Jew towards spirituality and religion.

I have never, EVER, said that spirituality was a bad thing. What I have always said was: spirituality has nothing to do with the Noahide Law. 

Topics like the mezzuza, giving meat, Shabbos Goy, etc. come up often, creating awareness and arousing the same burning question each time. 

Fatz is right. The burning question that always pops into my mind is—why is Fatz and the other rabbis teaching Judaism instead of Noahide Law?

Please take note that the majority [if not all] of my original content that takes aim against neo-noahism is in response to content from Ask Noah and Pirchei Shoshanim, as the majority of Noahides subscribe to and share their teachings on the internet and social media. 

It’s not just one rabbi. It’s all of them—all of the rabbis who are involved in the Noahide movement.

The problem is that the rabbis, for all of their knowledge of Torah, are incapable of teaching “authentic Noahism” from “authentic Torah sources.” The reason is, of course, that Noahide Law—authentic Noahide Law—has nothing to do with religion. There is no commandment for a non-Jew to “believe” in God. Only the negative prohibition of worshiping any other god(s). According to “authentic Torah sources,” the Noahide Law is, by our modern understanding, “secular.” Think Constitution. Our entire legal system. This is what the Noahide Law is all about. Not prayers. Not keeping kosher. Not putting up mezuzahs. Not wearing little beanies with gerring stitched upon them. In other words, Noahide Law is not about Judaism. But Judaism is what the rabbis know, and Judaism is what the rabbis teach.

You see, mankind has a choice. You can choose to do what Hashem wants, follow HIS plan. Or, you can be like the gerrings, selfishly turning your back on authentic Torah-true Noahide Law in order to create a religion, a cult, a Shabbat goy version of Judaism.

There is also the problem of so many Jews—especially rabbis—who use their influence to get Noahides to vote for a particular political candidate. Their criteria is simple: they back the candidate who is more likely to favor Israel.

Not that I disagree with supporting Israel, but Psalm 146:3 comes to mind: Do not rely on noble men, nor on a human being who holds no salvation.

The reason this is wrong is that, all too often, the candidate who supports Israel is usually a “conservative Republican” in the parlance of modern political jingoism. The result is a government that creates more economic inequality, which is destructive to our society. In other words, the Jews are teaching Noahides to focus on the .2% and who cares about the other 99.8%. Our planet, our civilization, our very existence is in peril. The world needs the Noahide Law. But the rabbis are instead focusing on mezuzahs.

Now we come to the nexus of the problem [pay attention, gerrings]: what Fatz and the other rabbis are teaching is a violation of halakha.

There is a teaching in the Talmud that no rabbi will teach, that no rabbi I’ve known has ever taught or even likes to talk about. It is about the Noahide Law. It is found in Bava Metzia 90b. In a nutshell, it says that a Jew is halakhically forbidden to interfere with a Noahide’s observance of the Noahide Law. It violates the mitzvah of do not put a stumbling block before the blind (Vayikra 19:14).

What Fatz and the others are doing is exactly that: putting a stumbling block before the blind. They are teaching Judaism and calling it Noahism. They have turned it into a religion. Even for those who aren’t doing this for personal profit, they are still only focusing on the .2%. And they and their merry little band of gerrings and messianic chabadniks criticize any attempt to teach authentic Torah Noahide Law, i.e., the Seven Laws as the Talmud teaches; a secular legal system.

Jews could (and should) interact with gentile society in order to fulfill their ultimate world-historical mission: to be a nation of priests and a light unto the nations. As this was the primary purpose of the nation of Israel, the purpose of the Children of Noah was to observe the Noahide Laws, not simply to be the vehicle for individual salvation, but to create a safe, peaceful, and just society so Israel could do its job. This is why it is imperative that Noahides concentrate their efforts of observance on the halakha of the Seven Laws instead of spending their energy trying to imitate the Jews and the Jewish service to God.Secular by Design, p. 414.

The Seven Laws of Noah are meant to be all-inclusive. In other words, it is a law for the Children of Noah. Not just for those who “believe,” or those who follow a certain rabbi, but for ALL the Children of Noah, all Seventy nations. The Noahide Code is a secular system. By Design. For the rest of the 99.8% of the population that the rabbis ignore. Just something to ponder this week over your apples and honey.






The Skinny on the Fatz


Looks like the Gerringmeister is at it again, trying to justify his meshuggah plan to turn the Noahide Code into a religious Jewish sub-sect. Let’s look at the latest round of nonsense (Fatz’s comments are in bold italic. For the entire article, click HERE.)

Modern [invented] Noahism is a contemporary man-made religion. In the post Vendyl Jones – era, Noahides are being rounded up to conform to a secular neo-noahism.

Um, first you say we’re starting a religion, then you say we’re pushing secularism. Make up your damn mind.

I would like to point out what I consider to be a core issue of neo-noahism.

Who cares what you think? You’re not a Noahide. You obviously have no clue about the Noahide Law; you say it’s a “religion.”

Neo-noahism has created a special distinction for non-Jews by referring to them as akum.

Sorry Fatz, but that is YOUR designation. What we teach is that there are only two categories: Jews and non-Jews. And for both, they are either observant or non-observant. And the Noahide Law is about observance, not belief. It’s that simple. [For example, Fatz likes to talk about shittuf, a key component in the Christian belief system. Nevermind that the entire organized religion of Christianity is prohibited under Noahide Law; let’s just talk about one component of the belief system.]

But there is an elephant in the room.


He really set himself up for that one, didn’t he?

Before continuing, I would like to point out that up to now we have not given any source text [Hebrew original] and we have described him purely from opinions and colloquial terms.

If it is “source text” Fatz wants, let’s give it to him.

So Hashem God banished him from the Garden of Eden—Bereishis 3:23

Therefore you are cursed more than the groundBereishis 4:11

God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with robbery through them; and behold, I am about to destroy them from the earth.—Bereishis 6:13.

And Hashem dispersed them from there over the face of the whole earth.—Bereishis 11:8

But Hashem afflicted Pharaoh along with his household with severe plagues because of the matter of Sarai, the wife of Abram.—Bereishis 12:17

For we are about to destroy this place; for their outcry has become great before Hashem, so Hashem has sent us to destroy it.—Bereishis 19:13.

And God came to Abimelech in a dream by night and said to him, “Behold you are to die because of the woman you have taken; moreover she is a married woman.”—Bereishis 20:3.

Goodness me—looks like there was a system in place to discern between right and wrong behavior before there was a Torah text, or even before there were Jews. There was no Hebrew text during the events of Bereishisonly Oral Law.

If it happens to be technically correct in some areas, it is not intentional to the point where we can draw conclusions.

Sure there is! The conclusion is that Fatz is milking the clueless Noahides for whatever he can get out of them by pulling this gerring nonsense out of his ample tuchas.

And please keep in mind this is all English. Also keep in mind, this is how Noahides today are being taught – in this style and format.

Well, of course it’s in English. What does Fatz want us to teach it in, Swahili? Yes, a working knowledge of Hebrew is nice. But it is not necessary for the common, run-of-the-mill Noahide.

They are not presented with anything deeper, more authentic, Hebrew, nor made aware of the bigger picture going on in this discussion [according to Torah].

Now, here’s the part that ticks me off. If you want “deeper, more authentic” then you need to be teaching the primary source text for the Noahide Law: Sanhedrin 56a–60a. Noahides should be studying this part of the Talmud. But rabbis like Fatz don’t want Noahides to study this “deeper, more authentic” part of the Torah since the Noahides would figure out that this gerring nonsense is just that: nonsense. The Talmud is very clear: the Noahide Law is presented as a legal code, not a religion. It’s all about what a non-Jew can be held culpable for in a beis din, or a Jewish/Noahide court of law. The only thing about “religion” is the warning in Sanhedrin 58b that a Noahide who observes the Sabbath is deserving of death.

Then the Fat One goes off on a long tangent to “prove” his “akum” theory. But there is one major flaw in his argument: the argument in question—about whether a non-Jew can affix a mezuzah to his doorpost—this argument has absolutely nothing to do with the Seven Laws of Noah. Fatz’s argument is all about Judaism, not the Noahide Law. If you want a discussion about Noahide Law, pick an issue that falls under the jurisprudence of the Seven Laws. The problem is, if you do that, then the difference between a Noahide and a gerring becomes moot. There is no difference between the two, halakhically speaking.

Looking over Fatz’s poorly thought-out blog post, it is clear that there is nothing in it to enlighten one about the Seven Laws or their obligations. It is simply more nonsense from a rabbi who likes to violate the commandment of do not put a stumbling block before the blind (Bava Metzia 90b.) Our society is falling apart, our currency is about to implode, our capitalistic system is going into a death spiral, the environment is going haywire, our government is desperately trying to start another war to keep our military-based economy going, but heavens to Betsy, let’s talk about mezuzahs!

There is absolutely nothing to prevent a Noahide from adding additional mitzvot to their daily routine (as long as they are observant of the Seven.) The plain-ol’ Noahide can do anything the gerring can do. There is no halakhic difference between a “Noahide” and a “Gerring” as far as observance goes. The only difference—the ONLY difference between a “Noahide” and a “Gerring”—is that unless you are a “Gerring,” the Fatz won’t be nice to you.



The Heads-up Gerring

If there is one person who exemplifies the gerrings, it’s James Rogers. James is the sort of guy Julie Brown would go for. James just loves to voice his opinions, particularly on subjects he knows little about (such as the Seven Laws.)

Screenshot 2017-05-19 at 1.17.52 AM (1)

Wow. What a classy guy! As you can see, James is neither a logical nor a rational person. He acts, talks and, most importantly, thinks like a Christian. His responses are typically emotional. It wouldn’t be so bad except that poor James doesn’t have much knowledge about the Seven Laws.


Sorry, James, but Fatz is a clown. He is using the Torah as a spade, and he’s filling the Noahide garden with nothing but holes. In your case, if we gave letter designations, you would certainly earn the designation of an “A” hole. [That’s one of the major differences between us; I insult with wit and aplomb.]

Screenshot 2017-05-19 at 1.17.52 AM

Well, James, we certainly have a clue as to what you are.


“A relationship with their Creator.” Really? It’s a relationship, not a religion? What’s next, that I teach that you can go to heaven by works and not faith? As you can see, James is still stuck in his Christian mind-set. He still thinks in terms of Christian theology. No, James. It’s not about a “relationship.” That is what Christians teach. The Noahide Law is about obedience. And that is obviously something that is way beyond your understanding.

“His history with Jews is meaningless and doesn’t need to be addressed.” Here we see the double standard. In another post he said, “Rabbi David Katz is my friend.” I fail to understand why my relationship with Jews is meaningless but your relationship is so important. And I studied in a kollel, not a yeshiva. Please learn the difference.

frogers5 (1)

First of all, you are not Godfearing. If you really were Godfearing, you would be obedient to the Torah. Instead, you ignore the Noahide Law in favor of your cultic gerring theology. As far as your claim of “constantly taking up for atheists,” Proverbs 17:28 comes to mind. Let me paraphrase: It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. That’s a verse you really need to learn.

Let me repeat the same thing I have said for years. There is no positive commandment for a Noahide to believe in God. Zilch. Zero. According to halakha, there is only the prohibition of not worshiping any other god. And this the atheists do. An atheist can be an observant Noahide.



Yes, there is a reason for that. I put my book up online for free years ago. Click the pic for a free copy!





Stay classy, James.

Now let us turn to this person:


No, that is not his real picture there in the corner, although you might think it after reading his stuff. But the real concern is the large picture of the Chabad Jewish Messiah who they teach will return from the dead and save everyone. Sound familiar? I’m not going to go over old ground, but keep in mind this person (who I will refer to as Bozo) is Chabad. Here are a few excerpts from his blog:

I know Rabbi Katz and many of these so called “gerrings” personally, but this putz CECEE is just a hermit in the noahide world teaching a secular void of G-d way of living.

It’s a shame Bozo hasn’t read my book. Had he read it, he would find out that it is all about “G-d’s way of living.” It’s called halakha. You know, the stuff Fatz & Co. do not teach.

Yet again, the top dawg of the academy of Shame has no clue what he is talking about. Don’t forget he believes that non jews are designed to be secular, he doesn’t care about halacha or anything jewish.

A Ben Noach is obligated in seven mitzvos, but in regards to dinim, unless he goes before beis din, he is one who is not commanded and does, i.e he is not commanded to not worship shituf, but LIKE a ger toshav, he has rejected shituf. He is Shayich to dinei Torah and Toras Yisroel. Again, he has no clue what he is talking about. He Just keeps sinking lower and lower. He is a fringe noahide. In fact he is what we call your Ben noach stam. He has seven mitzvos, gazunt a heit! He is allowed to be who he is, but he should let those who want to reject shituf, and live a life shayich to dinei Torah and halacha, the ben Noach has Hilchos Melachim 10:10 to rely on,  which puts CECEE’S secular by design theory into the trash.   Maybe he should just do more research. Or live his miserable secular G-dless life and leave those who seek the King find the King without his hate.

A “fringe” Noahide? You sure you don’t mean fridge Noahide? Because that certainly describes a certain gerring rabbi…

I have dealt with these subjects many times over the years. This Messianic Jew needs to look at his own proto-Christian theology.

Stay classy, Bozo.

And last, but certainly not least, we have a little gerring named Sonja Kinzer who sent my daughter a harassing private message (harassing my family? A new low, even for gerrings.)

hello from Maryland. I realized that it’s your father who wrote this terrible piece. As you have probably have seen by my posts, rabbi Katz is a teacher and personal friend of mine and my husband’s. I was so incredibly sad for any person, spewing his kind of Gdless hate. I always hope for better in people. R. Katz is Nothing like that. At all. In all the time I’ve known him, he has never asked for anything. He doesn’t do commentary, he is a copy paste guy. His work is easy to fact check. Is this why you friended me? Do you also hate him and those like him? Me? I just sort of thought you were on a similar journey and that was the commonality we shared. When i first heard that he was your father I about fell over. From your posts (realize we don’t know each other) you are just this glowing mama who has a beautiful little family full of light and love. I have a hard time believing you would share these kinds of venomous sentiments.

Dear Sonja: If you turn on your TV on Sunday morning, you will see all sorts of really friendly, smiling preachers. They are nice and friendly. They have lots of friends, and are quite popular. Since they have friends, should we ignore the idolatry they are teaching? “Oh, yeah, they are teaching idolatry, but heck, he’s a friend of mine and my husband’s!” The issue I have with Fatz is not his degree of friendliness. It’s his violation of halakha, of his misleading gullible Noahides such as yourself. As far as venomous sentiment, it is odd how you can turn a blind eye to the venom you and your gerring buddies are spewing out.

If you want to fact check, then read my book. I cite everything. I back up everything. I have over 1400 footnotes and citations in Secular by Design. I make fact-checking easy. My work is based on halakha, not on some weird interpretation about gerrings that certain rabbis pull out of their ample tuchases.




The Fatz in the Fire



I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a halakha today!

Well, I see that Rabbi Fatz is currently doing his whirlwind SHOW ME THE MONEY! tour of the USA, milking the clueless Gerrings for every penny they have. Of course he claims he’s not doing it for the money. Yeah, sure. Buy my books! Pay to see my lectures! 

This is what the Noahide Movement has become; simply a means to subsidize rabbis who don’t have what it takes to have their own shul and congregation, rabbis who are teaching Judaism instead of Noahide Law, turning the Noahide Law into a poor-man’s sect of Judaism.

To get an idea of how far afield these teachings are from Noahide Law, let’s look at a sample from one of the clueless gerrings:

Here is a crucial Rambam issue. Acum (idolator) and Nochri ( ben Noach ). These have laws governing them from the Rabbinic point of view. However Ger is neither. So there is no Halacha for the GER. So many think this Is ” making” a new religion. This is the ” orthodox ” view. Since there is no fence, there is no control. This makes the ” orthodox ” scared.GER is not commanded but does. Very ” UNorthodox “. We tend to serve Hashem because we love him. Out of pure desire to please the master of the universe. For this, we are hated. ( a lot). Sometimes you eat the show bread in the Temple, and dance naked. We love the written and the oral. We love the Jew and the land. We want to help not hurt. For a non Jew to feel like this, one would think joy would fill the hearts to those in exile. But since it has been 2800 years since this phenomenon has happened, it is by definition, UN orthodox! But if they don’t accept this briskers, ashkenazi, Chabad, then why would they accept GER? [sic]

Let’s review.

“Here is a crucial Rambam issue. Acum (idolator) and Nochri (ben Noach). These have laws governing them from the Rabbinic point of view. However Ger is neither. So there is no Halacha for the GER.”

Here’s the first problem. “These have laws governing them from the Rabbinic point of view.” Well, isn’t that just spiffy. No halakha for the gerring. That’s because the entire concept of “gerring” is something that a certain rabbi pulled out of his ample tuchas. The reason there is no halakha for gerrings is that the entire concept of “gerrings” is a fictional construct, something that hasn’t existed in two millennia as the vast majority of orthodox rabbis teach. “Gerring” is an extreme minority opinion.

And here’s the crucial Noahide issue: the Noahide Law is supposed to be all-inclusive, not dividing people up into different categories such as “acum” and “nochri.” You’re either a Jew or a non-Jew (Noahide), and if you’re a Noahide, you’re either observant or non-observant. That’s it. The Noahide Code is all about observance, not “belief.” Yes, I know that these are categories in rabbinic writings, but they are meaningless for a Noahide living in a sovereign Noahide state far from Israel. You’re either an observant Noahide, or you’re not observant. Most Americans are obviously non-observant. Certainly the gerrings are non-observant (there is no halakha for the gerring!).

“So many think this Is ” making” a new religion.”

That’s right. It’s simply a sect of Judaism, which is, of course, a violation of Noahide Law. Of course, gerrings are all into Jewish religion which they have plenty of time for since they eschew halakha.

GER is not commanded but does. Very ” UNorthodox “.

Here the gerrings admit that they do not follow the Noahide Law. They follow laws that they are not commanded to keep, i.e. Jewish laws.

We tend to serve Hashem because we love him. Out of pure desire to please the master of the universe.

This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. So, the gerrings “serve” Hashem because they “love” Him? Gerrings do nothing of the kind. Gerrings serve themselves. If they really wanted to serve Hashem, they would follow halakha as they are commanded. But as we have seen, they don’t follow halakha. They think that by pretending to be Jewish, and keeping Jewish laws, Hashem is going to smile benevolently upon them.

For this, we are hated.

Well, that’s a little strong. I don’t think Hashem hates gerrings, but I’m sure He’s not happy about their non-observance. If gerrings think Hashem will bless them because they keep some Jewish laws and wear gerring beanies, well, they need to go back and read the Tanach.

Sometimes you eat the show bread in the Temple, and dance naked.

And sometimes you run around with a beanie that has GERRING stitched into it, pretending you’re something you’re not.

We love the Jew and the land.

But the gerring doesn’t love Hashem, seeing how they disrespect His Torah by saying they are above halakha.

For a non Jew to feel like this, one would think joy would fill the hearts to those in exile.

Well, they are certainly filling the bank accounts of these rabbis who are milking them for all the money they can get. It should be noted that the vast majority of rabbis think that Fatz’s interpretation of Torah is wrong, and his opinion is a very minority opinion.

Of course, the gerrings don’t care about things such as facts. The gerrings I have spoken with have a very narrow and shallow understanding of Torah. Oh, sure, they are good at regurgitating the kabbalistic jargon force-fed to them like a mother bird feeds her offspring her vomit, but they are clueless about the Torah proper, and certainly do not understand the Noahide Law.


A typical Texas gerring mikvah

When the Shituf hits the fan

The latest crusade those silly gerrings are doing is Shituf. Shituf is a concept meaning “partnership,” as in the idea of the Trinity. It is a pagan concept, and it rightfully should be rejected, but that is not the problem. The problem is, once again, the dumb gerrings blindly following the orders of those who have no business telling Noahides what to do.

Here’s the problem with the gerring’s “war” on shituf. The gerrings should be focusing on getting rid of Christianity itself, not simply attacking one part of their theology that the gerrings do not agree with. According to halakha, ALL organized religion is prohibited under Noahide Law. And the most dangerous of organized religions are the ones that seem to be Torah-legit, such as Gerringism or Schneersonanity.

But the rabbis do not want us attacking religion, particularly the Dead-Jew-on-a-Stick variety. No, no! they tell us; Jews do not attack other religions. It is against halakha, the rabbis say, and they usually trot out the Dina D’Malkhuta Dina rule to back it up.

Of course, the problem with this argument is that Noahides are not Jews. Noahides are supposed to install a court system that prohibits idolatry and blasphemy, which means organized religion (Noahides are forbidden to create ANY forms of religious worship.) What the rabbis are doing is interfering with the Noahide’s duty and obligations to follow halakha, a clear violation of the halakha of not putting a stumbling block in the path of the blind, as Bava Metzia 90b explains. Not that any of this matters to the gerrings. Like the junkies they are, they simply want their emotional religious fix. It’s bad enough listening to the gerrings drone on about circumcision for the gerrings, kosher food for the gerrings, Yom Tov for the gerrings, Shabbat for the gerrings, prayers for the gerrings; the list goes on and on. The one thing that the gerrings DON’T talk about? The one thing they’re actually supposed to be doing: the Severn Laws.

Chlorine is a Gas

Now we turn our attention to another one of the gerring rabbis, Rabbi Chlorine. Here’s a post from about a month ago where Chlorine tries to use his rabbinic status to push a secular political agenda.


The 49th gate of spiritual impurity? Don’t ask where he got that bunch of kabbalistic hocus-pocus from. Also, to support Trump just because he’s got a Jewish son-in-law is like telling someone to invest with Bernie Madoff because he’s a Jew. As Mark Twain once said: “The Jews are just like everybody else, only more so.” There are good Jews and bad Jews (like Madoff) just like there are good rabbis, and at the other end of the scale, well, rabbis such as Fatz who are misleading the Noahides for personal gain.

But Hashem jumped in, rewarded America for all of its manifold mitzvoth, tzedaka, kindness to Israel, and Texas…

And what of Harvey, the Texas-sized enema that America is taking up the Brownsville this morning? Chlorine seems to forget that the USA is the flagship of Edom, and just because they support the secular government of Israel (which I doubt Hashem is a big fan of) doesn’t mean we’re gonna have a can of Holy Whoop-ass opened up on us soon.

And brought forth John Donald Trump…

For some reason, Psalm 146:2 comes to mind…Do not rely on nobles, nor on a human being who holds no salvation.

and returned glamour to the White House…

Because, as we all know, what is important is to be glamorous. Not righteous. Right, rabbi?

Many years ago, Rabbi Moshe Kerr had the idea of turning as many goyim as they could into fanatical Noahides, and then inviting them to move into the outer perimeter of Israel so they could be the first line of defense in the likely event of an Arab attack. I mean, hey, there’s seven billion more where they came from, right? But it is this angle, the political angle, that seems to be fueling the rabbinic engine that has turned the Noahide movement into simply an odd Jewish sect, one that will support Israel politically (and militarily, they hope.) I mean, so what that we have a country that supports idolatry, where blasphemy is protected as “free speech,” where an ancient Roman-based legal system is designed to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor, that the environment is being systematically destroyed, that our financial system is about to implode, that our “innovative sovereignty” is about to go out in flames. At least we’ll be glamorous doing it.


The Idle Smasher


I did a live internet show the other day (well, I was there. I didn’t participate.) It was a show by one of the Gerrings, and he usually had his Gerring buddies on talking about Gerring stuff. I figured it would be the Beany and Cecil show, since the Gerrings are all into beanies. What happened was hysterical.

The host of the show was apparently unhappy with my previous blog post, “I Get Rachel Dolezal,” and so the entire show was based around bashing my work. [For those of you who want to see the show and hear the ranting and raving for yourselves, click HERE]. Meanwhile, I’ll discuss a few points the person running the Gerring Show made.

“I think the Noahide Code has failed in the West.” [go to the 2:15 mark]. Well, of course it has failed. The rabbis want it to fail. The last thing the rabbis want is for us Noahides to get together and change society for the better. Not that they want society to be left in the horrid state it is in today, but because it was undoubtedly cause problems for the Jews living here, Jews who don’t want to disturb their comfortable lifestyle living in Edom and having to pull up stakes and move to Israel where rabbis are a dime a dozen.

Oh, sure, I can hear it now: “Why are you blaming the rabbis??” Well, the proof is in the pudding. Take the host of this show the other night. He maintains that he wants to schmooze with the Jews, study with the Jews, act like a Jew, etc. But after years of rabbinic teaching, it is painfully obvious that this person knows nothing about the Noahide Code. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

To prove that he knows very little about the Noahide Code, he proceeds to blast it by saying it is nothing more than a Bronze-Age slave law [go to the 3:20 mark]. What is funny is that his rant sounds almost exactly like Paul’s rant in Galatians chapter Four, the very rant about slaves and the law that I had posted in the previous article which he took umbrage against. Nevermind that the host totally misunderstands that this “law of slaves” only applies to Israel in the land of Israel, and was seen by the sages as a way to lift up those poor souls who grew up and lived in a Godless society.

At the 4:00 mark he goes into the “other thing” that bothers him so much: there is no positive commandment to believe in God (in the Noahide Code.) Obviously, he does not like the way the Noahide Code is set up and explained in the Talmud. Like the Christian he once was, that residual contempt for rabbinic teaching comes creeping back into Gerring theology. What he wants is “religion,” not halakha. That’s pretty much the Gerring line; lots of religion, little halakha. Like the proverbial ger tzaddik who goes into the mikvah clutching a dead insect, he just can’t seem to let go of his Christian past. The theology of the church keeps seeping into his Gerring theology. It’s like the Gerrings are addicted to religion.

Then around the 7:45 mark, he shows his ignorance about the halakha of slavery in Israel. “I’m gonna need more than a slave’s dinner! I’m gonna need more than a slave’s lifestyle!” Well, if he understood the halakha of owning a slave, he would have known that a slave must be fed and clothed and treated no different than any other member of the household. What the master eats and wears, so does the slave. Owning a slave was expensive.

At the 8:45 mark he states that we shouldn’t present the Noahide Code as the Seven Laws. He keeps harping about how there is “no spiritual growth in that (Noahide Law).” That’s right. It’s not about spirituality. That’s something an individual can do on their own.

At the 9:00 mark, he goes into another rant: “Why are we using all this Jew stuff for? What the fuck [sic] is that?”

Well, the reason we’re using all the “Jew stuff” is because they are the keepers and teachers of the Torah. The problem with these idle Gerrings is that their view of the “Jew Stuff” is very limited; Rambam, spiritual works such as R’ Luzzatto’s “Path of the Just” and things of that nature. Oh, and of course, works by Chabad rabbis such as The Divine Code to tell Noahides exactly what they can and cannot do according to the rabbis who have no authority or say so over the laws of a non-Jewish state and society. The problem with the Gerrings is that they seem unaware that there is a whole batch of other “Jew-stuff” that teaches a very different view that the narrow one they have been taught.

And he states he’s all angry. Angry about what people are saying about his cult and his rabbinic cult leaders. Well, get over it. You obviously do not understand the Noahide Law. After 20 years of listening to the rabbis, you still don’t understand it.

And there is a good reason for that: the rabbis are incapable of teaching the Noahide Law. I’ve written about this problem on my blogs more than once; it’s not my fault that it isn’t sinking in.

At around the 11:00 mark (click HERE), he compares the teaching of the Seven to Christianity. This is, of course, a total red herring. What we’re teaching isn’t about religion. We’re not teaching about salvation. We’re not teaching about spiritualism and mysticism. That’s exactly what the Gerrings are teaching. Who is like Christianity now?

24 “These things are being taken figuratively: The women represent two covenants. One covenant is from Mount Sinai and bears children who are to be slaves: This is Hagar. 25 Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children. 26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.” Galatians 4:24–26

The host then goes on a bit of a rant at the 12:00 mark about one of his pet peeves, lashon harah, or what he perceives as lashon harah. The host has, in the past, gotten his panties in a wad when his precious gerring rabbis get called out for their misinterpretations. This comes from, once again, a total failure to understand, not just the halakha, but the hashkafa of the Noahide Code. The Torah is clear that, if you see someone violating halakha, you are duty-bound to reprimand them, first in private, and if that doesn’t work, in public. And, yes, you and your gerring buddies violate halakha. Your rabbis that you follow are violating halakha. How can you be cognizant of this violation if you still do not have a clue as to what the Noahide Laws are for? At 18:40 you talk about how you’ve “never bought the Seven Laws,” and your interpretation that, under Noahide Law, it was okay to sucker-punch your mother. As I said, you are clueless. The nonsense the rabbis have been filling your head with has you all turned around.

Who am I to question the rabbis, you ask? Read my book. You state you want to learn. I suggest you start immediately.