As much as I would love to take credit for the term “Schneersonanity,” I can’t. It was coined by a friend of mine, an ex-Chabad rabbi I have known for many years. He left Chabad after he saw first-hand the messianism that was taking over. He saw disturbing parallels between the moshiachists and early Christianity, and didn’t want to be a part of it. He has been an invaluable source of insider information about the Chabad, what they’re up to, and what they’re doing.

At first, I had a “live and let live” attitude about the gerrings; if these ex-Christians want to ignore the Seven Laws in order to be all “spiritual” and religious, let ‘em. These ex-Christian Noahides have always had a difficult time letting go of organized religion. But then I started seeing how Chabad had infiltrated the gerring movement, as they have done (or tried to) every other Noahide movement, claiming Divine right, Papal Bull (I mean, Rebbe’s orders, sorry), or something. Even the Chabad who didn’t look at the Rebbe as haMoshiach still looked at him as “the Jewish Pope” (as another rabbi I know called him.)

I started hearing a lot of Chabad doctrine from the gerrings, the stuff about “inferior Noahide souls” and encouraging people to read Tanya. Then, just the other day, I was poking around a gerring Facebook page, and I saw that someone had posted this picture on the page:

ger pic

The Hebrew says: Moshiach: one small good deed and he’s here.

Needless to say, this raised red flags. I see the gerrings being groomed to become the new Christianity, and that bothers me. It should bother any Noahide. I have been arguing about this subject for years. Here is an article I wrote ten years ago; you can read the text (and the responses) HERE.

I couldn’t care less about the “proof-texts” about gerrings from the Tanach. It is irrelevant to what the Noahide Law is about. These gerrings think that, just because a couple of rabbis argue that the ger toshav exists (and many other rabbis disagree), it gives Noahides license to observe Jewish religious ceremonies. What I do care about is the gerrings turning the Noahide Code into a sub-sect of Judaism, creating a religion. A messianic religion.

One final word. There are those among the Bnai Noah Movement that think we should have no divisions, that we should all “play nice.” It should be pointed out we are not the cause of the “divisions.” The problem with the “divisions” is that there are grave divisions within the orthodox Jewish community itself, even among Chabad (as I have written about before.) As long as the rabbis who are involving themselves in the Noahide movement continue to push kabbalah, spirituality and religion in lieu of the halakha of the Seven Laws, there will always be divisions.


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