Noah’s Arc

“R’ Chanina said: In terms of a parable illustrating the opinion of R’ Yochanan, to what is the matter analogous? It is analogous to a barrel of wine that was lying in a cellar full of vinegar. While the wine is in its place, among the vinegar, its aroma wafts and is particularly noticeable, in comparison to the odor of the vinegar. However, when the wine is not in its place among the vinegar, its aroma does not waft, i.e. it is not so noticeable. Similarly, Noah’s righteousness was noteworthy in his evil generation, but would not have attracted attention in a righteous generation.” Sanhedrin 108a.

The news this past weekend was interesting, if you want to call it that. F or starters, a giant crack has grown in the Larsen C ice sheet in Antarctica [click HERE]. This past month was the warmest on record [click HERE]. The bond market is falling apart, and the Fed is contemplating another QE of $2 to $4 trillion dollars [click HERE], and the debt clock is about to hit $20 trillion—yes, that’s trillion with a T [click HERE]. Things are rapidly starting to fall apart [click HERE] and our corporate media is content to pander to the status quo [click HERE].

Meanwhile, in Texas

The Vendyl Jones Memorial Conference was held in some godforsaken place in Texas over this past weekend. One of the things they were celebrating was the first Noahide conference in Texas 26 years ago. Of course, back in 1990 you had the real Vendyl Jones, not just some bearded Jew-wannabe in a Ger cap, and you had Rabbi Meir Kahane, not Rabbi Katz trying to pitch his Ger book and Ger religion.

I didn’t go to the conference. I didn’t go to the one in 1990, either; I was busy studying in a kollel a thousand miles to the East. I do remember, talking to those who were involved back in the early years of the Noahide movement, of the hope and promise they felt. Today, the Noahide movement is more malaise and apathy; no better marker of how the Noahide movement has grown than looking at the size of the conference this past weekend. After 26 years, the numbers attending were about the same as the one in 1990.

What the hell happened to the Noahide movement?

There are many reasons and causes, which I have covered in previous blog posts. But one thing about this conference struck me. It was about Ger this and Ger that. It was about keeping Shabbat and studying mystical interpretations. It was about the glorification of this new Ger religion.

What it was not about was how the Noahides should interact with society and try to change the world for the better. It was not about Noahides taking an active role in dealing with the many problems facing our society. It was about pretending to be a Jew, and turning the Noahides into a Gerish Jewish sect. It’s about their personal “relationship” with Hashem instead of the observant Noahide’s relationship with society.

And it struck me. These Noahides aren’t interested in saving the rest of the world; they’re only interested in saving themselves. Like Noah, who was criticized by the Sages for turning his back on humanity and being content to save himself and his family, these Gerrings are doing the same exact thing. The Noahide movement has come full circle.



3 thoughts on “Noah’s Arc

  1. Hrvatski Noahid says:

    I agree that things are rapidly starting to fall apart. We can try to better the world. But we cannot force anyone to follow the 7 Commandments. It is the few who follow the truth. I do not believe this will change.

  2. Well, I was there and you have no idea what you’re talking about. I mean, you just said you weren’t there and then you spoke of it as if you were, while completely misrepresenting it.

    Stick with what you know.

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