The People’s Front of Judea



Scene from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” [click on pic for video link.]

The largest Native American uprising since the Battle of Sugar Point in 1898 is going on in North Dakota, pitting Native Americans from scores of tribes against Big Oil [Click HERE]. One of the world’s largest shipping companies, Hanjin Shipping, has just filed for bankruptcy, stranding ships and crew and throwing global shipping into a turmoil right in the middle of the peak season when stores are stocking up for the make-or-break holiday season [Click HERE]. As if this wasn’t bad enough, trade with Europe is on the skids [click HERE], the economy is on its last legs [click HERE], and our “justice” system too often metes out punishment according to race and class [click HERE]. Our society is coming apart at the seams.

With this in mind, what is going through the minds of Joe & Jane Americana? Judging from social media, the really important issues are the beginning of the college football season, the upcoming popularity contest between Trumpet and Billary [not that either one will make any difference with the problems we are facing], and that some professional jockstrap won’t stand up for the national anthem, something that affects absolutely no one.

Then there are the Noahides. Keepers and teachers of the Divine Plan for mankind to be able to live together in peace, to put together a world economy not based on greed and power, to be able to use the environment without destroying it. The ones who have been studying the logical and rational code that balances both the needs of society and the individual. How are the Noahides responding to the building crisis around us?

The Noahides are discussing how to keep Shabbat. They are talking about which prayers to do on the upcoming Jewish Holy Days. They are talking about the benefits of eating kosher.

Most of all, the Noahides are arguing about why this or that Noahide group is wrong and why their own group is right. They are quarreling over which name to call their little group, and why their name is better than the other names. They are  bickering over why their rabbi is better than your rabbi. They are squabbling about why one group loves God and Israel more than the other groups.

Ultimately, they are fighting over why the People’s Front of Judea is a better Noahide group than the Judean People’s Front, and certainly better than the Judean Popular People’s Front.

After two decades of rabbinic “leadership,” the Noahides have managed to completely lose track of what they are supposed to be doing. The Noahides have left the path of halakha and have turned onto the path of pointless debates of things that don’t really matter, things that have little if anything to do with the Noahide Code. Under the supervision of the rabbis, the Noahides have managed to become irrelevant.

It is clear to me that, under the direction of the current rabbinic and Noahide “leadership,” the Noahide movement is not going to amount to anything. What is needed is a new direction, a fresh start. Stay tuned for further details, and remember: always look on the bright side of life.


7 thoughts on “The People’s Front of Judea

  1. Jim says:

    Mr. Cecil,

    I think it would be useful to identify works and passages from R’ Hirsch that are relevant specifically to Noahides. Those of immediate interest would be those that contrast the teachings of the so-called Ger. It would be useful to read too where he differs from the Rambam on Noahide halacha, especially since, as you have pointed out elsewhere, Rambam is the main source quoted by Chabad. Because you referred HN to Rav Hirsch, I thought you might have something in particular in mind.


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