Gog and My Goggles


beer gog·gles
noun (informal)
  1. used to refer to the supposed influence of alcohol on one’s visual perception, whereby one is attracted to people who would not otherwise be appealing.

We the People are plastered. Potted. Inebriated.

There is no other explanation. We have become inebriated with the follies and scandals of our two presidential candidates as we head into the election which is less than four weeks away. Our attention has tunnel-visioned on a political race that has focused on the character and moral turpitude of Trumpet and Billary instead of the real issues that will impact not only our way of life but our existence as well. We have lost sight of how ugly things have become.

Let’s start with economics. The stock, bond and real-estate markets are happy giant bubbles ready to pop. The wealth disparity between the top 1% and the bottom 99% is the greatest it has ever been. The Debt Clock is slated to hit the magic $20 Trillion mark before Obama leaves office.

If he leaves office.

Which brings us to the next problem. Our gigantic, bloated government isn’t working. Well, let me rephrase that: it isn’t working for the bottom 99% of society. For the super-rich, it’s working just fine. But every day seems to bring a new tale of police brutality, corruption in government, and the steady erosion of civil rights. We might only be a couple of scandals away from Obama suspending the election next month. Perhaps he’ll had the reigns over to Biden. Perhaps. We’re just a disaster away from an executive order that could curtail the democratic process, be it economic, terroristic, biological or something else unforeseen.

And then there is the little problem with political turmoil in the rest of the world. The near-coup in Turkey, the fighting in Syria and Yemen, the coming collapse of the EU to name a few problems. Tensions with Russia are at their highest point since the Cold War, and there are more than a few who are worried about the continuing crisis in the Middle East that would spark a war between America and Russia.

However, Americans are too wrapped up in the salacious media coverage of Pussygate or the missing e-mails and Benghazi to care about these trivial matters. Americans are too tanked on the corporate media’s propaganda to either notice or care about the events that will have a direct impact on the lives of every American. We are so focused on the November eighth election that we fail to see the big picture, and so many Americans will be saying, “Hold my beer and watch this!” as they head into the voting booths thinking that it will make any difference at all.

“The builders of states, as well as the citizenry, helplessly scan the horizon for the arrival of the latest political messiah, who will come forward with new utopian solutions for the problems besetting the state. This messiah, they comfort themselves, will come, must come, or else everything is ruined. They wait for the political redeemer who will devise the formula for deliverance and the equation for what is most irrational: to secure through external institutions the well-being, peace, health, and prosperity of nations and men.” — Rav S. R. Hirsch


One thought on “Gog and My Goggles

  1. Hrvatski Noahid says:

    I love America. I am an American alumnus. And I hate seeing America fall.

    You mentioned economics. I think economics does not matter in this election. It will come down to culture and immigration.

    I hope the EU does collapse. It is the anti-national policies of the EU which will bring about a radicalization of the European far right.

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