How Stupid are Americans?


Typical Democrat and typical Republican

How stupid are Americans? Before you answer, you might want to check out this video:


Yes, these people are legally allowed to vote. In just two weeks, millions of Americans who are on the wrong side of the Bell Curve will have an opportunity to vote for the next President of the United States. This is exactly the reason why Plato thought democracy was a bad idea.

You see, Plato thought that democracy put too much power in the hands of the stupid, people who could easily be swayed by “Noble Lies,” i.e., propaganda. And no one does propaganda better than the United States. Our corporate controlled media, be it television, radio, magazines, internet “news” sites, all of these push the message that the corporate masters want people to believe. And so many of the people, lacking critical thinking skills and the ability to discern the “Noble Lies,” eat it up.

Nowhere has there been a clearer example of the failure of democracy than the upcoming presidential election between two of the most unsavory characters ever to run for president. Whichever one wins the election, We the People will lose. In fact, there will be only one winner in the upcoming election: Corporate America.

That our “Ruling Class” is now in control of the election is no surprise to many (CLICK HERE). Before the first primary of this election, it was clear who Corporate America’s favorite was: Hillary Clinton. From her “pay-to-play” schemes to her corporate donors such as JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs to corporate media such as Time Warner, it is clear that Hillary is firmly in the pockets of Corporate America. She has maneuvered into being the favorite, first by manipulation of the primaries to her cheating during the debates [CLICK HERE], then by the corporate-owned media fawning over her.

But now it seems that Corporate America is having second thoughts. Hillary might be more of a liability than an asset to the super-rich, which means they are reluctantly turning to Trump. It is becoming clear that a paradigm shift in the public’s consensus is going on, and come January, we might have the spectacle of Trump in Washington taking the oath of office to the strains of Hail to the Pussy.

Lost in all the blogs and talk about emails and pussy-grabbing is how exactly either of them is going to fix the economic swamp that we have mired ourselves in. Yes, they both make lots of empty promises about a lot of things, but we have heard all this before. Many times.

In a couple of articles written after the last presidential election (CLICK HERE) and (CLICK HERE), the authors astutely point out that what we are living in is a neofeudalistic society. Let’s go over a few figures.

According to Allianz’s Global Wealth Report from 2015, the personal wealth of the entire world is $153.2 trillion. That’s a number that is hard to get a handle on, but think of it this way: $153.2 trillion dollar bills would make a stack 10,397,071.2 miles high. That’s over 43 times the distance from the earth to the moon, or nearly half-way to the closest orbit of Venus.

The nation with the largest percentage of personal wealth is, of course, the United States, topping out with 41.6% of total global wealth. The next closest nation is China with 10.5%, or roughly one-fourth the personal wealth of the USA even though they have over four times the population.

The report also points out that, not only does the United States have the greatest amount of wealth, but it has the greatest amount of wealth inequality. To understand this wealth inequality, here is a chart of the breakdown:



What this last chart represents is that the top 20% own over 85% of the wealth in America. The top 1% own a whopping 35.6%. In other words, the top 1% of Americans have more wealth than than China, the second most wealthy nation on earth.

Why is there such a great wealth disparity? Let’s review.

Donald Trump, the multi-billionaire, has paid no taxes for nearly two decades (click HERE for link). His smirking statement in one of the debates that he is smart because he didn’t have to pay taxes belies the true nature of the problem: our legal system is set up to allow—nay, force—the little people (the bottom 99%) to pay the lion share of the taxes while the super-rich pay little or anything.



For the past 36 years, our legal system has been tweaked so that the super-rich can benefit from laws that enable their wealth to grow at an astounding pace while the rest of the serfs work longer hours for a rapidly devaluing currency. The economy is stuck in a seemingly permanent recession, and the Corporate Elites know that the best way to get the economy moving is to be involved in the profitible business of war.

Our country is running on a WAR economy. This is nothing new; it has been going on for decades. The warning that President Eisenhower gave in his last presidential address nearly 56 years ago has been unheeded [CLICK HERE]. How long are we going to treat the symptoms and ignore curing the disease? With the upcoming election on Tuesday, we can be assured that our government of the stupid people, by the stupid people, for the stupid people, shall not perish from the earth.


“The evils that beset the inner life of society due to social class differences and the unequal distribution of property, with the resultant sharp contrasts between opulence and misery, independence and dependence, etc., and the precarious situations that afflict nations in the course of their political relationships with other nations…Israel is to progress in this freedom and independence, within and without, which God bestows upon it again and again…until it reaches that ideal state in which it will become a bright and shining national entity in the midst of the nations. Then all the other nations will be drawn to it in order to learn from it the Divinely-established institutions which alone will guarantee freedom, justice and everlasting peace on earth.”—Rav S. R. Hirsch


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  1. i wonder if the university culture may become a place for this, challenging moral bottom line, redefine it and challenge the authority is a big problem for their way of criticism.

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