The Idle Smasher


I did a live internet show the other day (well, I was there. I didn’t participate.) It was a show by one of the Gerrings, and he usually had his Gerring buddies on talking about Gerring stuff. I figured it would be the Beany and Cecil show, since the Gerrings are all into beanies. What happened was hysterical.

The host of the show was apparently unhappy with my previous blog post, “I Get Rachel Dolezal,” and so the entire show was based around bashing my work. [For those of you who want to see the show and hear the ranting and raving for yourselves, click HERE]. Meanwhile, I’ll discuss a few points the person running the Gerring Show made.

“I think the Noahide Code has failed in the West.” [go to the 2:15 mark]. Well, of course it has failed. The rabbis want it to fail. The last thing the rabbis want is for us Noahides to get together and change society for the better. Not that they want society to be left in the horrid state it is in today, but because it was undoubtedly cause problems for the Jews living here, Jews who don’t want to disturb their comfortable lifestyle living in Edom and having to pull up stakes and move to Israel where rabbis are a dime a dozen.

Oh, sure, I can hear it now: “Why are you blaming the rabbis??” Well, the proof is in the pudding. Take the host of this show the other night. He maintains that he wants to schmooze with the Jews, study with the Jews, act like a Jew, etc. But after years of rabbinic teaching, it is painfully obvious that this person knows nothing about the Noahide Code. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

To prove that he knows very little about the Noahide Code, he proceeds to blast it by saying it is nothing more than a Bronze-Age slave law [go to the 3:20 mark]. What is funny is that his rant sounds almost exactly like Paul’s rant in Galatians chapter Four, the very rant about slaves and the law that I had posted in the previous article which he took umbrage against. Nevermind that the host totally misunderstands that this “law of slaves” only applies to Israel in the land of Israel, and was seen by the sages as a way to lift up those poor souls who grew up and lived in a Godless society.

At the 4:00 mark he goes into the “other thing” that bothers him so much: there is no positive commandment to believe in God (in the Noahide Code.) Obviously, he does not like the way the Noahide Code is set up and explained in the Talmud. Like the Christian he once was, that residual contempt for rabbinic teaching comes creeping back into Gerring theology. What he wants is “religion,” not halakha. That’s pretty much the Gerring line; lots of religion, little halakha. Like the proverbial ger tzaddik who goes into the mikvah clutching a dead insect, he just can’t seem to let go of his Christian past. The theology of the church keeps seeping into his Gerring theology. It’s like the Gerrings are addicted to religion.

Then around the 7:45 mark, he shows his ignorance about the halakha of slavery in Israel. “I’m gonna need more than a slave’s dinner! I’m gonna need more than a slave’s lifestyle!” Well, if he understood the halakha of owning a slave, he would have known that a slave must be fed and clothed and treated no different than any other member of the household. What the master eats and wears, so does the slave. Owning a slave was expensive.

At the 8:45 mark he states that we shouldn’t present the Noahide Code as the Seven Laws. He keeps harping about how there is “no spiritual growth in that (Noahide Law).” That’s right. It’s not about spirituality. That’s something an individual can do on their own.

At the 9:00 mark, he goes into another rant: “Why are we using all this Jew stuff for? What the fuck [sic] is that?”

Well, the reason we’re using all the “Jew stuff” is because they are the keepers and teachers of the Torah. The problem with these idle Gerrings is that their view of the “Jew Stuff” is very limited; Rambam, spiritual works such as R’ Luzzatto’s “Path of the Just” and things of that nature. Oh, and of course, works by Chabad rabbis such as The Divine Code to tell Noahides exactly what they can and cannot do according to the rabbis who have no authority or say so over the laws of a non-Jewish state and society. The problem with the Gerrings is that they seem unaware that there is a whole batch of other “Jew-stuff” that teaches a very different view that the narrow one they have been taught.

And he states he’s all angry. Angry about what people are saying about his cult and his rabbinic cult leaders. Well, get over it. You obviously do not understand the Noahide Law. After 20 years of listening to the rabbis, you still don’t understand it.

And there is a good reason for that: the rabbis are incapable of teaching the Noahide Law. I’ve written about this problem on my blogs more than once; it’s not my fault that it isn’t sinking in.

At around the 11:00 mark (click HERE), he compares the teaching of the Seven to Christianity. This is, of course, a total red herring. What we’re teaching isn’t about religion. We’re not teaching about salvation. We’re not teaching about spiritualism and mysticism. That’s exactly what the Gerrings are teaching. Who is like Christianity now?

24 “These things are being taken figuratively: The women represent two covenants. One covenant is from Mount Sinai and bears children who are to be slaves: This is Hagar. 25 Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children. 26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.” Galatians 4:24–26

The host then goes on a bit of a rant at the 12:00 mark about one of his pet peeves, lashon harah, or what he perceives as lashon harah. The host has, in the past, gotten his panties in a wad when his precious gerring rabbis get called out for their misinterpretations. This comes from, once again, a total failure to understand, not just the halakha, but the hashkafa of the Noahide Code. The Torah is clear that, if you see someone violating halakha, you are duty-bound to reprimand them, first in private, and if that doesn’t work, in public. And, yes, you and your gerring buddies violate halakha. Your rabbis that you follow are violating halakha. How can you be cognizant of this violation if you still do not have a clue as to what the Noahide Laws are for? At 18:40 you talk about how you’ve “never bought the Seven Laws,” and your interpretation that, under Noahide Law, it was okay to sucker-punch your mother. As I said, you are clueless. The nonsense the rabbis have been filling your head with has you all turned around.

Who am I to question the rabbis, you ask? Read my book. You state you want to learn. I suggest you start immediately.



15 thoughts on “The Idle Smasher

  1. Hrvatski Noahid says:

    You write that rabbis want the Noahide Code to fail. What rabbis want means nothing. What HaShem wants means everything. And He wants that we follow His 7 Commandments. The 7 Commandments are the totality of our Torah Law obligations. Anyone who teaches otherwise does not follow the true Torah Law for Gentiles.

    What is your definition of Edom?

  2. Hrvatski Noahid says:

    Thanks. Western Civilization has many different cultures and languages. I find that Anglo-Saxon lands have little to do with Rome.

  3. The Seven are a bare minimum for a non-Jewish slave or conquered person by Israel. There is no good reason to limit any human being in the 21st century CE, who is seeking a relationship with their Creator to the bare minimum slave’s Law. The Law provides nothing for having a relationship with Hashem. It’s a good Law for the Bronze Age, like the covered wagon worked for a while (and still does). The telegraph worked and so did the Pony Express. Most human beings already get it. Our relationship with Torah, with Israel and our Creator needs to elevate as well.

    • You sound just like a Christian. So, God’s Law for mankind just isn’t any good, eh? Torah is just some old Bronze Age law, eh? You know better than Hashem what is needed for mankind, eh?
      All you care about is YOURSELF. Your selfish desire to “have a personal relationship!” with Hashem, or “I wanna be buddies with Jews!” sort of mentality is what keeps you from understanding what the Noahide Law is really for. IT’S NOT ABOUT PERSONAL SALVATION. This isn’t the church. Your understanding of the Torah needs to be elevated.

  4. Hrvatski Noahid says:

    English grammar has nothing to do with Latin grammar. The most common English words are Anglo-Saxon, not Latin. Anglo-Saxon law is not Roman law. Protestantism is not Roman Catholicism…

    • English is roughly 50% Romance (from William’s takeover in 1066). I go over the history of Western legal systems in chapter five of Secular by Design. Why on earth do you think Latin is the language of our legal system here in America? And Protestantism and Roman Catholicism are both idolatrous Gnostic religions with only petty theological differences to differentiate between them. Seriously?

  5. Hrvatski Noahid says:

    My commenting time is limited. I never said Latin is the language of the legal system in America. I said that English grammar is 0% Romance, with or without the Bastard. I find that there are important linguistic, legal and religious differences between Anglo-Saxon lands and Rome. Which is why I question their inclusion within Edom.
    That is all. Peace.

  6. I’ll stick with the Sages, thanks.
    “Edom has two separate identities in the words of the prophets. Firstly, it is the Biblical nation of Edom, which bordered the Land of Israel and was often involved in the persecution of the Jewish nation (cf. Amos 1:11, 12). Biblical Edom was conquered and its inhabitants exiled by Nebuchadneszzar, king of Babylonia, around the time of the destruction of the First Temple. In addition, the city (and empire) of Rome is described by the Sages as having been originally settled by the people of Edom, and prophetic reference to Edom is often interpreted as referring to the Roman Empire. ‘Rome’ is considered to be perpetuated by Christian civilization which the empire made dominant in the world, and its final destruction will not occur until the times of Messiah.” Roberts, Trei Asar, Vol. I, 268.

  7. This mistake is thinking the only thing the Torah provides for non-Jews is a Bronze Age slave’s Law. I think this is why so many, like your good self, avoid Israel and tell others to do so as well, because if anyone found out there was more to life in Torah than the base Seven, they just might not buy the right books.

    • Still haven’t read my book, eh? I list over 200 mitzvot out of 613 that are applicable to the Noahide. OVER 200. That’s ONE THIRD OF THE TORAH’S MITZVOT. So, YES, there are more than the BASE SEVEN. I have always taught that. No, the problem is is that you don’t care about what HASHEM wants. You only care what YOU want. You only want to do what is right in YOUR OWN EYES.
      Buy the right books, you say? You obviously do not understand the ones you have read. The Noahide Code is not about religion. It’s about creating a legal system that would certainly do a much better job than what we have now. That is what Hashem wants. He couldn’t care less about your beanie or that you stumble over some Hebrew prayers. Noahides pretending to be Jews are a joke to Hashem.

  8. I have no idols, I respect and enact justice when I can, I don’t curse God, I do not murder, steal, get it on with animals or relatives and I don’t rip off a donkey leg and chow down. Now what?

    And you’re telling me that marking Shabbat, covering my head when studying Torah, learning Torah with Jews, and standing with them as my people somehow will lead me to, what, eat live donkey leg? Kill people? What… Jews gonna be a bad influence?

    • It is obvious to me that your inability to understand Noahide Law comes from the time you have wasted listening to the rabbis who do not have your best interests at heart.
      Now what? Well, it’s time to educate people on what Hashem wants us to do. And I can tell you it’s not about keeping Shabbat or wearing beanies.

      “The “secular” nature of the Noahide Law confuses many who think that the prohibitions of idolatry and blasphemy are strictly “religious” laws. In Torah Law, there is a much broader understanding of idolatry; the common (non-Jewish) view of worshiping false gods is only part of what constitutes idolatry, for along with the worship of false gods there is also a prohibition concerning the worship of false ideas. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan explained that “the Torah warns: ‘Do not turn to the idols’ (Vayikra 19:4), which the Gemara explains as a reference to conceptual idols, ideologies not based on the Torah (Shabbos 149a).” Examples of these idolatrous ideologies are the non-Jewish concept of nationalism, or even the idea that the Noahides must form isolated communities and their own houses of “worship,” both which are contrary to the Seven Laws. The mitzvot Rabbi Aaron Litchtenstein lists in his book The Seven Laws of Noah as incumbent upon the Noahide, particularly the prohibitions of idolatry, include “against turning to idolatry [in word, in thought, in deed,
      or by any observance that may draw us to its worship]” as he does in Shemos 20:5, “against worshiping idols in any of their customary manners of worship.” This is the halakhaic basis for the prohibition of organized religion, for organized religion with its houses of “worship” is what pagan religions have used over the years to ensnare both Jews and non-Jews, to “draw us to its worship,” i.e., using the “joys of fellowship” replete with group prayer and singing, and it is certainly their “customary manner of worship.” The concept of creating a Noahide “congregation” that tries to emulate the Jewish service by things such as wearing kippahs, Noahide “tallis,” chanting Hebrew prayers, and holding their services on Friday nights and Saturday mornings is a violation of halakha.
      In fact, the closer a Noahide congregation tries to mimic the Jewish service of God, the closer they get to Chillul Hashem which Rabbi Litchtenstein also lists as one of the Noahide prohibitions of blasphemy. These are the idolatrous ideologies that true Noahide observance must be wary of emulating, as well as following any Noahide “leader” who espouses ideas of organized Noahide “religion.” As Rabbi Kaplan explained, “he who leads others must be extremely firm in his faith. He must not follow his own whims, but must base his entire ideology on God’s Torah. He…must not be misled by false ideologies or foreign methodologies.” Most Noahides who have come out of organized religion (particularly Christianity) have problems letting go of the theology, complaining about having to study “dry legalism” instead of “spirituality,” and that the prime motivation is for “fellowship” and “worship” rather than the moral and legal stipulations of the Seven Laws. The nonobservant or Reform Noahide, much like his Reform Jewish counterpart, is the Noahide who believes the Noahide Law constitutes a “religion,” and focuses on the ceremonial and religious aspects of the Torah while ignoring the halakha of the Seven Laws. The observant Noahide, on the other hand, focuses on his or her obligation to observe the halakha of the Seven Laws. This is no doubt one of the major factors in the non-observant Noahide’s exclusivity in basing the Noahide Law on Maimonides, and his focus on keeping the Noahide Law (as well as other non-obligatory mitzvot) for “rewards” and “everlasting life” in Olam haBah, the World to Come.”
      —Secular by Design, p. 415–17.

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